Centralise and automate end-to-end your external workforce via one platform, the Flextribe Freelance Management System

We make it easy to work with external workforce

  • Digitalize and improve internal workflow
  • Start working with data
  • Save time & money
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Work effortlessly with your external workforce

Increase transparency
Automatizing and centralising processes with Flextribe empowers your company to increase visibility and take control over your external workforce management.

Save costs and effort
Our end-to-end freelance management system saves your team time and effort when they compliantly acquire, onboard, organise, pay, analyse and offboard your external consultants, freelancers and gig workers.

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Freelancing is on the rise. A soon-to-be global trend offers excellent possibilities,

but at the same time, it leads to increasing challenges.

Heavy workload_External_worfkforce_freelancer_gig

Working with the external workforce means a lot of manual effort and legacy work

Inefficient and broken processes
Decentralised, time-consuming and costly workflows across departments throughout the supply chain.

Lack of strategy and data
Disorganised operations management and hands-off approaches, leading to a lack of transparency and increasing costs.

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An intuitive platform for the
single source of truth

With Flextribe's end-to-end Freelance Management System you will have a toolbox with all the features required to efficiently manage your external consultants, freelancers and gig workers.

Making the external workforce an integral part of your business

"A powerful tool to manage your external workforce. The agility of Flextribe really made a difference when deciding to partner up with them. The software has opened up new opportunities and saves us measurable time and costs."

Torben Schioler, CPO at Maersk Drilling A/S

"We lacked an overview and quick access to our freelance consultants' CVs, so we can move quickly in relation to new tasks. Flextribe's platform was a flexible solution to our problem, as we needed it most."

Peter Skjødt, Partner in ProActive A/S

"At least a 50% decline in time spent on administrative tasks using Flextribe. Before I had to liaise with legal, procurement or finance, all manual processes. By using Flextribe I can focus on my actual work."

Fredrik Tukk, Head of Innovation Scouting at Maersk Drilling A/S

Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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