The Freelance Management System for the future of work

Discover how Flextribe can help you get started building and managing your flexible workforce.

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Flextribe's freelance management system in action

Empower your business for the future of work

With Flextribe's end-to-end software you will have a toolbox with all the features required to efficiently organise your freelance consultants.

Without Flextribe FMS

Considering the complexity of flexible workforce management, it’s crucial for organisations to streamline internal processes and workflows.

Decentralised processes when handling freelance consultants

With Flextribe FMS

Streamline and simplify every process — from finding the right talent to ensuring compliance — so you can dive into work fast and produce better outcomes.

Centralised, streamlined processes when using a freelance management system

The solution to managing your flexible workforce

A feature for every scenario to streamline workflows and internal processes.

Third-party staffing management

Collaborate with- and secure control over your third-party staffing firms

A single source of truth platform —  A truly unique solution with the integrated VMS in our FMS
Centralise your suppliers — Onboard your preferred suppliers quick and easy to the Flextribe platform
Mini tenders — Get the best possible offers from third-party vendors and independent contractors
Learn from data, not experience — Track your third party expenses and improve strategic decisions
Third party staffing firms management dashboard

Powerful analytics for the flexible workforce made simple

With the Flextribe analytics engine, you are able to track and manage the costs of your freelance consultants.

Deep data insights — An overview of your costs across departments within your company
Integrated analytics — Integrate the data of your freelancers and get one source of truth
Manage and create reports — Extract sheets and play with the data to forecast budgets and staffing needs for the future
Insightful dashboard with freelance consultant's data

Talent management made easy

Manage your flexible workforce in an all-in-one system and effortlessly scale it with your business

Minimise administrative workload — Leave the many systems and spreadsheets behind
Find and organise — Store your freelance consultants' data and files in one unified system
Make the right decision — Having all the data at hand you can always identify the right talent
Onboarding — You can bring two of your own consultants to the platform as part of the freemium model
Onboard and organise freelance consutlants in one centralized system

Unleash the potential of your flexible workforce

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