7 reasons why data is crucial when working with the external workforce

Do you work with external consultants? Use data to get an overview of your expenses, increase transparency and lower costs.

Using freelancers in your projects becomes more and more popular these years. And for many years, data has been an important part of running a business. 

In 2022, a combination of freelancers and data is more relevant than ever before. Data can help you get an overview and improve your projects and your resource management. We have listed 7 important reasons why you should use data, when working with freelancers and when managing projects with freelancers.

The 7 reasons why data is important are

  1. Track your freelancers’ time use
  2. Make data-driven business decisions
  3. Keep track of your costs
  4. Get a holistic view of your projects
  5. Identify gaps
  6. Manage your resources while avoiding micromanaging
  7. Improve future projects

Do you use freelancers? Let's look into why you should start using data.

1. Track your external consultants' time use

How much time do you use on a project? Accurate time registration can help you keep track of how much time is spent on a project. Get an overview of how much time is used in meetings, on research, or in administration. This data helps you see how a project develops, so you can manage the resources the best way. Does someone use too much time on specific tasks? You will have the ability to find out and see what causes it.


2. Make data-driven business decisions

When you have the right data, you can make the right decisions. Powerful analytics and data about your resources and projects can help your business understand how to improve workflows and plans accordingly.

This also counts when it comes to choosing the right talent for a project. Use data in your resource management to compare skill-sets and make an effective, data-driven selection of talents.

3. Keep track of your costs

How much does your project cost? Are we following the budget? Keep an overview of cost-per-hire metrics and employee expenditure by collecting and analysing data.

Having the right amount of data can let you follow the money and ensure everyone in and outside the organisation follows the budget.

Department expenses - Pie Chart

4. Get a holistic view of your projects

Resource management and managing projects with freelancers can cause many people to report in different ways. With the right framework for your project data, all the freelancers can report in the same way, giving you the same type of data. This will give you a holistic view of your projects both for you and the freelancers.

5. Identify gaps

When you have the overview, data makes it easier for you to identify any gaps in the project. Did freelancer 1 finish his coding? Or has any part of the process slowed down for some reason? 

Use data to identify where gaps might be and fill the gaps.

6. Manage your resources while avoiding micromanaging

Let’s face it. You don’t want to spend time looking over your freelancer's shoulder all the time. And even more certain is that the freelancers don’t like being watched over the shoulder while working. Instead, you should focus on managing your resources the best way for both the freelancer and you.

With a clear overview of the project data, you can remotely follow the project development process. This means that you can either stay in the headquarters or remote - and the freelancer can do the same thing.

7. Improve future projects

By using data, you can see which parts of a project worked well and which parts did not work well. This is gold when making future projects. 

Use patterns from all of the above-mentioned reasons to forecast budgets and future staffing needs. From now on, every project will be a little bit better

Use a freelance management system to simplify resource management

A freelance management system(FMS) with resource management. It can keep track of all the data in a project with freelancers. But which FMS should you choose? And what is important to look for when choosing an FMS?

Our whitepaper “Make working with freelancers easier, cheaper, and more transparent” gives you an overview of what to look for in an FMS. Using the right FMS with powerful analytics is the core of resource management in a project with freelancers.

Get to know more about freelance management systems

Our whitepaper will introduce you to what to look for when you want to make freelance resource management easier.

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Whitepaper - Using Technology to Optimize Working with a Flexible Workforce (1)

Flextribe can help you streamline and simplify processes from finding the right freelancer to ensuring compliance. You can get started working quickly and produce better outcomes. The big amount of data handling helps you improve current and future projects. Resource management has never been easier.


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