Here's how the Flextribe software works

The Flextribe Freelance Management System is a complete and customisable solution. Developed to help you grow and manage your global freelance consultant network. Learn how Flextribe works.

How it works

An intuitive platform for the single source of truth

Do you have the tools and capabilities to manage the flexible workforce?
Our end-to-end software has all the features required
to efficiently and compliantly organise, manage, pay and analyse your freelance consultants.

Do you find managing your flexible workforce difficult?

Centralise your flexible workforce to enable effective internal and external collaboration:

Minimise administrative workload — Leave the many systems and spreadsheets behind
Find and organise — Store your freelance consultants' data and files in one unified system
Make the right decision — Having all the data at hand you can always identify the right talent
Bring your own — Onboard and rehire talents across your organisation and minimise time-to-desk

Are you on top of your workflow management?

Stay in control and compliant while creating and managing your projects

Set up a project in seconds —  Give it a name or define the full project and you are good to go
Match your projects — Select your own or use freelance consultants from a vendor
Compliant contract — Generate automatic contracts based on the in-app conversations
Empower your team — Assign roles and permissions to each stakeholder in your company

How do you pay several freelancers at the same time?

Accommodate your payroll and invoice management to the needs of the flexible workforce

Intuitive invoicing —  Auto generated invoices based on your freelance consultants' time registrations
Streamline your payments — Speed up processes with automation and the flexible payment options
Secured by Stripe — Convenient payment options, pay via bank transfer, credit card or digital wallet
Cloud integrations — Unify your current payment flows with cloud-based app integrations

How do you navigate between several vendors?

Collaborate with- and secure control over your third-party staffing firms

A single source of truth platform —  A truly unique solution with the integrated VMS in our FMS
Centralise your suppliers — Onboard your preferred suppliers quick and easy to the Flextribe platform
Mini tenders — Get the best possible offers from third-party vendors and independent contractors
Learn from data, not experience — Track your third party expenses and improve strategic decisions

Are you in control of your flexible workforce costs?

Make data-driven business decisions with the powerful analytics tool

Increase data transparency — Get a better understanding of your costs and expenses
Analyse key metrics — Empower your company with data and take back control
Gain valuable insights — Discover patterns, forecast budgets and staffing needs for the future
Create reports Know everything from the organisational level to the very last details

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