Painless offboarding to secure retention and positive feelings, for you and your external workforce

Complete your projects with full confidence, every time. With Flextribe, you can ensure a compliant offboarding and a lasting positive impression of your organisation.

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Painless offboarding to secure retention and positive feelings for you and your external workforce with the Flextribe FMS


It’s certain. But offboarding doesn’t have to be difficult

Your day-to-day tasks are ever-growing, making it easy to forget to complete the many steps involved in offboarding your external workforce. With the Flextribe FMS, you can rest assured that every box gets checked and the offboarding is secure, compliant and thorough once your freelancer's project is over.

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Get the most out of your freelancers' exit

By nature, the non-payroll employee lifecycle is short and to the point. Ensure your external workforce is heard once their assignments are completed with the right processes in place. You can gain valuable insights and leave departing consultants with a positive notion of your organisation.

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Exchange ratings and secure your future talents

With powerful reporting features like employee performance and length of service, our FMS can give you insights into how you are doing as an employer. Equally important is that you can rate and save everything about your favourite freelancers, minimising time spent on onboarding as you rehire consultants.

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Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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