Successful onboarding for better engagement, performance and retention for your external workforce

Make comprehensive external workforce onboarding standard practice in your organization and be prepared for the future of work management.

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Successful onbaording with the Flextribe FMS


Create better first days for your external workforce

Companies often overlook the importance of effectively onboarding their non-payroll employees, though it has several benefits. Create a better experience for your external consultants, freelancers or contractors and enjoy the benefits.

Improve time-to-desk for new freelancers

By nature, the non-payroll employee lifecycle is short and to the point. Therefore, a well-organized onboarding is more crucial than ever. The Flextribe FMS helps you to streamline and automate your onboarding processes to get your consultants on track and ready to work in a glance.

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Lighten the administrative tasks

Our FMS helps you centralize and organize all legal documents. Set the legal framework for your external workforce and ensure compliance with digital signatures of NDAs, IP, and non-compete agreements with customizable preboarding packages. Set your consultants up in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists.

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Customize the onboarding experience

Do you want your consultants to be excited and engaged from day one? Personalize the onboarding flow based on the consultant’s upcoming role. You’ll save time and effort while creating a more engaging and personal onboarding experience.

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Keep your external workforce engaged

Effective onboarding has several benefits. It boosts employee engagement, performance, and retention. The better the onboarding experience, the more aligned the external workforce is with your company’s values and goals, which is essential to perform at the highest level.

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Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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