Payroll and Invoice Management

Centralise payments and invoices 

Accommodate your payroll and invoice management to the needs of the flexible workforce.

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Streamline your payments

Focus on the essentials and save time with our intuitive payment flow. Review and pay invoices generated by your freelance consultants on the platform.

Pay your freelancers trough credit card or bank transfers conveniently whether you’re paying one freelancer or hundreds. The payment methods are powered and secured by Stripe.

Custom integrations. Organise your current workflows by integrating into all cloud-based apps that you’re already using. 

Human-centred solutions

Make your workflows faster and easier with automation and flexible payment options. Our solution gives freedom to you and your flexible workforce.

With the intuitive invoicing freelance consultants can easily generate invoices based on the contract details and time registrations.

Match invoices to contracts

Make sure that everything is in order when receiving a new invoice. Having all the information of your projects and freelance consultants in one system allows you to search and find details in minutes.

Match invoices to contracts and ensure that all agreed work has been done and the invoiced amount is correct, so you can handle payments fast and with confidence.

Track invoices and expenses

Forget about the never-ending Excel sheets. Collect all of your invoices and expenses in one platform, and keep track of them effectively. 

Get an overview of your expenses, unpaid invoices, overdue invoices and already paid invoices. Generate reports and share them in-house for a better cost control.

Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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