Work smarter and effortlessly with your external workforce

Digitize your external workforce management. Oversee projects, talents, time registrations and be complaint with Flextribe's platform to boost your team’s productivity.

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Manage your projects from start to finish

Create projects for your own external consultants or create mini-bids. Keep track of every project with a clear overview of the deadlines, deliverables, documents required, and payment amount at each milestone. Align expectations, and agree on goals and any other detail straight in the in-app conversations.

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#Manage projects with external consultants

Managing talents? Make it easy, efficient and flexible

Centralise documents and information of your external consultants. Keep data and files in one unified system, and stop wasting time on finding CVs, contracts and invoices. Increase efficiency and lower the mistakes associated with administration. Make the right talent-related decisions with confidence.

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Increase transparency

Create the foundation for a data-driven company with intuitive tools such as time- and expense registration. Break down your expenses and know what you are spending your budget on.  

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#Keep track of time registrations

Reduce risk and increase compliance

Temporary hires mean higher risk and compliance complexity. Whether it's a small company or an enterprise, following local and international regulations is essential. Breathe in, and let us take care of the compliance.

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Compliant contracting

Pre-screened workforce

As part of our onboarding process, Flextribe pre-screens and validates all freelance consultants, guaranteeing peace of mind for you and your team. There are more than 400, of the best on the market, freelance consultants on the platform with different skills and competenci 

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A single source of truth for your external workforce

Our software is a cloud-based workforce solution that enables businesses to manage end-to-end their flexible workforce via a single platform. Using the system to its fullest allows firms to onboard, identify, analyse, manage, pay and rate their flexible workforce.

Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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