Powerful Analytics

Make data driven business decisions

Use the Flextribe analytics engine to better track, manage and understand your freelance consultants' costs.

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Powerful analytics

Increase data transparency for actionable insights. With the instinctive analytical tools talent management becomes accessible to all.

Reduce costs and risks. Empower your company and take back the control. Get and analyse key metrics made with the powerful analytics engine.

Get a bird’s eye view in a snap

Create reports from organisational level to the very last details about your flexible workforce - total spend, availability, hours spent on a project.

Use your insights to discover patterns to forecast budgets and future staffing needs.

Collaborate effectively across teams

Keep valuable cost-per-hire metrics and employee expenditure at your fingertips. Get insights into department costs and freelance usage around your organisation.

Enable cross hiring across your company and make staffing easier, faster and more efficient.

Centralise your workflows with custom integrations

Integrate your favourite apps to the Flextribe FMS, and automate whatever slows down your internal processes.

Connect the Flextribe platform with finance, or productivity tools via Zapier to speed up and streamline your flexible workforce management.

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The Flextribe software equips you and your organisation with the necessary tools to track, oversee and understand every aspect of your freelance consultants' costs