Data-driven business decisions with the Flextribe FMS

Complete transparency over your external workforce expenditure with the Flextribe analytics engine throughout the fiscal year.

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Get a handle on your expenses

Businesses end up with their budget overspent or underspent too often. Not knowing where the quarterly allocation for their external workforce went. Flextribe gives you complete transparency over your budget, so you can be in total control of expenses for non-payroll employees. Giving you and your employees peace of mind during the entire financial year.

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Get a bird’s eye view in a snap

Empower your organisation with the Flextribe FMS, and reduce your external workforce's evergrowing costs and risks. The intuitive analytical tools enable you and your company to analyse key metrics and create reports from the organisational level to the last detail about your external workforce. As a result, you can rest assured that your expenditure is verified and matched with your business endeavours.

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Data transparency for actionable insights

Keep valuable cost-per-hire metrics and employee expenditure at your fingertips. Get insights into department costs and freelance usage around the entire organisation. Use your insights to discover patterns to forecast budgets and future staffing needs. Connect the Flextribe FMS to software that you already use to streamline existing processes.

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Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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