Talent Management

Manage your flexible workforce in an all-in-one system

Managing talents? Make it easy, efficient and flexible with the Flextribe freelance management system.

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Centralise documents and information

Store freelance consultants' data and files in one unified system, and stop wasting time on finding CV's, contracts and invoices.

Increase efficiency and lower the mistakes associated with administration. Make the right talent related decisions with confidence.

Bring your own freelancers to the platform

Import and bring your own freelance consultants to the platform. The intuitive onboarding allows your freelancers to get started in minutes.

Make collaboration with freelancers possible on an individual level using a freelance management system.

Minimise time-to-desk

Lower your costs and minimise time spent on onboarding as you rehire talents across different departments.

Share Talent Clouds with your colleagues and enable collaboration across teams in your entire organisation.

Find and organise your flexible workforce

Search for skills, work experience, status, location and much more to identify the perfect person for every project.

Create custom Talent Clouds for your favourite freelance consultants and ensure quick identification of the right people for every assignment.

Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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