Third-party supplier management

Collaborate with- and secure control over your third-party staffing firms

End-to-end third-party supplier management incorporated into the Flextribe FMS.

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Third-party supplier management

Streamline how you handle your third-party staffing firms and create a truly unique solution, a single source of truth platform.

Manage processes associated with third-party staffing firms. Encourage mini tenders and get the best possible offers from third-party vendors and independent contractors.

Centralise your vendors 

Onboard your preferred suppliers quick and easy to the Flextribe platform. Remove any bottlenecks associated with managing multiple vendors.

Set recruiter fees to automate your workflows. Review and approve invoices or purchase requests with ease and increase speed on every account.

Learn from data, not experience

Track and analyse your third-party expenses with the powerful analytics tool to gain important insights.

Use your data to improve strategic decisions associated with the external service providers and establish long-term business relationships with the best-performing vendors.

Full global compliance

Your suppliers, your data. Flextribe ensures compliance with rules and legislation.

Stay compliant, while you centralise information and processes. Onboarding your vendor's data will only be available for you and your team.

Unleash the potential of your external workforce

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