Empower your company to take on the growing challenges associated with the flexible workforce

Why Flextribe? Freelancing is on the rise. A soon to be global trend offers great possibilities, but at the same time it leads to increased challenges. Considering the complexity of flexible workforce management, it’s crucial for organisations to streamline internal processes and workflows.

Pains associated with the growing external workforce

Most companies do not have the required capabilities to effectively manage their flexible workforce.

Heavy workload — Increased manual work as the same information have to be entered across multiple platforms.
Ineffective onboarding & offboarding — Complex and repetitive tasks such as, signing legal documents or granting access to systems.
Multiple third party suppliers — Inevitable to use different agencies to meet the increased demand of consultants.
Lack of data — Lack of transparency across the organisation when it comes to freelance expenses and costs.
Decentralised processes — The hands-off approach leads to processes and workflows dependent on individuals.
Increased business costs — Lack of visibility and control makes it difficult to measure performance and costs.
Heavy workload associated with the external workforce, manage them with the Flextribe FMS

Powering the future of work

The pain of mismanagement of the freelance workforce is real. But it doesn’t need to be that way. The solution is within reach.

Streamlined processes

Streamline and simplify every process — from finding the right talent to ensuring compliance — so you can dive into work fast and produce better outcomes.

Data-driven business decisions

Use the Flextribe analytics engine increase data transparency for actionable insights. Discover patterns to forecast budgets and future staffing needs.

Collaborative system

Work together without silos, setbacks or oversights. Create department structures. set roles and permissions while empowering team collaboration.

The Flextribe freelance management system

Most companies do not have the required capabilities to effectively manage their flexible workforce.

Powerful analytics — Use the Flextribe analytics engine to better track, manage and understand your freelance consultants' costs.
Talent management — Centralise documents and organise your flexible workforce in one system. Bring your own freelance consultants onboard and minimise time to desk.
Work managementCreate and manage projects on the platform. Automate compliant contracts and track your freelance consultants with the time registration tool.
Payment and invoice management — Accommodate your payroll and invoice management to the needs of the flexible workforce.
Third-party staffing — Collaborate with- and secure control over your third-party staffing firms. Onboard your suppliers to the Flextribe platform and remove manual processes.
Centralise and automate end-to-end your external workforce via one platform, the Flextribe FMS

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The Flextribe software equips you and your organisation with the necessary tools to track, oversee and understand every aspect of your freelance consultants' costs