Deep dive into your flexible workforce management with Flextribe

Move away from slow and siloed systems with the Flextribe freelance management system. Our solution helps your organisation to systematise identification, hiring, onboarding, payment and collaboration systems. Lay the foundation for success with one agile system. On this page, we show you why going PRO is worthwhile.

Why go pro?

Prepare your business for the future of work

Get started with PRO and adopt your organisation to the future of work with the end-to-end freelance management system. While the freemium features give your organisation a solid foundation for managing your flexible workforce, the additional PRO features will give your team the complete experience.

PRO subscription

Collaborative system

Does your business operate in different markets, countries? Get transparency and start re-using talent across departments and even locations.

Seamless collaboration — Get your team working together without silos, setbacks or oversights
Assign users — Create a department structure and determine roles and permissions while empowering team collaboration
Streamline workflows — Organise processes for each user type, adjust permissions from the access control list individually
Minimise time-to-desk — Lower your costs and time spent on onboarding as you rehire talents across different departments

Streamline your payments

Focus on the essentials and save time with our intuitive payment flows.

Centralise payments and invoicesAccommodate your payroll and invoice management to the needs of the flexible workforce
Faster and easier workflows — Automations and flexible payment options for you and your freelance consultants

Track and approve — Approve and collect all of your invoices and expenses in one platform, and keep track of them effectively

Get started with PRO and adopt your organisation to the future of work with the end-to-end Flextribe FMS solution

See Flextribe in action today

Streamline the most complex cross-functional processes. Automate repetitive, manual work as you grow and empower your teams to focus on the work that matters.