If you cannot measure it,
you cannot improve it

Corporations working with a large number of consultants and agencies on a monthly basis face a big challenge. Understanding data and the economy related to the flexible workforce can be an impossible task without the proper tools. Shape the future of the flexible workforce and your business with the Flextribe FMS white-label solution.

Why go pro?

Our white-label solution is ready-made and can easily be fully integrated

Customise the platform with your logo and brand identity, so your freelance consultants and third-party staffing firms can associate the platform with your company.

A unified supplier system

Collaborate with- and secure control over your third-party staffing firms. Onboard your suppliers to the Flextribe platform and remove manual processes.

Single source of truth — A truly unique solution with the integrated VMS in our FMS
Mini tenders — Encourage mini tenders and get the best possible offers from third-party vendors and freelance consultants
Set recruiter fees — Review and approve invoices or purchase requests and increase speed on every account

Learn from data and not experience

Track and analyse your third-party expenses with the powerful analytics tool to gain important insights.

Why its free - data


Powerful analyticsIncrease data transparency for actionable insights. Manage and understand your third party supplier costs.

Reduce costs and risksAnalyse key metrics and empower your company to take back control over your suppliers

Improve strategic decisions — Establish long-term business relationships with the best performing vendors based on data

White label solution

Centralise your workflows with custom integrations

Organise your current workflows by integrating them into all cloud-based apps via Zapier

Integrate your favourite apps — Automate whatever slows down your internal processes by connecting apps to the Flextribe FMS
Integrate payroll — Avoid manual processes and mistakes. Save time and increase data accuracy and security. 
Connect ERP systems — Flextribe will automatically sync to your ERP system

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The Flextribe software equips you and your organisation with the necessary tools to track, oversee and understand every aspect of your freelance consultants' costs