For small business looking to grow their flexible workforce

Discover how Flextribe Freemium helps you get started building and managing your flexible workforce - for free.

Heavy workload

Our vision is to make the extended workforce an integral part of your business

The future of work

Freelancing is on the rise and even small and medium-enterprises are keen on getting project-based talents. However, considering the casual nature of freelancing, it’s crucial for organisations to systematise internal freelance consultant management.

Empowering companies

Most of the companies, however, do not have the required capabilities to effectively manage their flexible workforce. Our goal is to empower organisations with the innovative technology that makes flexible workforce management actually work.

Enable company growth

The flexible workforce can bring new ideas and skills to your organisation during growth, and times of crisis as well – for as long as it’s necessary. Get started with Flextribe as your freelance management system, and gain access to all the key features.

There is a solution to save time and be more efficient

We believe there is a better way managing freelance consultants and administer complex workflows associated with the flexible workforce. Our system is free to use because we believe that everyone should have the option to use our product and see the value for themselves.

Freemium subscription

Talent management made easy

Manage your flexible workforce in an all-in-one system and effortlessly scale it with your business

Minimise administrative workload — Leave the many systems and spreadsheets behind
Find and organise — Store your freelance consultants' data and files in one unified system
Make the right decision — Having all the data at hand you can always identify the right talent
Onboarding — You can bring two of your own consultants to the platform as part of the freemium model
Why its free - Talent

Oversee entire workflows within the Flextribe freelance management system

Stay in control and compliant while creating and managing your projects.
Set up assignments in seconds, automate compliant contracts and review time registrations.

How it works
Freemium subscription

Make data driven business decisions

Use the Flextribe analytics engine to track, manage and understand your freelance consultants' costs.

Increase data transparency — Get a better understanding of your costs and expenses
Analyse key metrics — Empower your company with data and take back control
Gain valuable insights — Discover patterns, forecast budgets and staffing needs for the future
Create reports — Know everything from the organisational level to the very last details
Why its free - data

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The Flextribe software equips you and your organisation with the necessary tools to track, oversee and understand every aspect of your freelance consultants' costs