Make working with freelancers easier, cheaper and more transparent

Do you work with freelancers? It can be difficult to keep an overview of task, contracts, time etc. With the right FMS, you are able to safe time and costs and handle your projects without friction.

This whitepaper gives you an overview of what to look for, when choosing a freelance management system (FMS). Read about the advantages an FMS will give you - and save time and money in your work with freelancers in the future.


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Hiring and managing freelancers

A management system for future of work

The right FMS will make your business ready for the labour market of the future. More and more people will work as freelancers, and managing projects with freelancers will require the right tools in order to avoid wasted time and money.

Flextribe FMS handles your contracts, invoices and helps you in the hiring and onboarding process.

Whitepaper - Using Technology to Optimize Working with a Flexible Workforce